Shed Of The Year Competition UK

best sheds 2020

Shed of the year is an annual competition run in the UK to find the best garden shed in the country. They may look different to the Colorbond Sheds we build in Australia, but they are still very sophisticted.

With the COVID-19 lockdown requiring people to spend more time at home, there have been a couple of new categories added to the 2020 competition including:

  • Lockdown Repurpose (sheds that have been transformed in response to the pandemic) 
  • Lockdown New-build (new sheds built from scratch)
best sheds 2020

Some examples of lockdown sheds include a teacher who converted his shed into a Shed School where he would broadcast live daily lessons. Another entrant created a beach hut themed shed for her elderly father with dementia, while in Sheffield, a shed was converted into a workshop to make visors for NHS staff. Our favourite is the beach bar themed shed inspired by a dream holiday to Florida that had to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Check out the full Best Sheds 2020 shortlist.


best sheds 2020

Best Sheds In Australia 2018

Late last year, Scott Cam released his much-anticipated book  – Scotty’s Top Aussie Sheds. It details his nationwide search for the best shed in Australia and contains some absolutely incredible examples of what is possible when the imagination has free rein.

“There are thousands of people around with a love of sheds like me, and plenty of their sheds are better than mine. So why not run a competition to find the 20 best ones, and whack ’em in a book for all to see? Celebrate the Great Aussie Shed.”
Scott Cam


Along with the stunning images are the personal stories of the owners. You’ll be amazed and touched by the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the making of these sheds. You may also find yourself just a little bit inspired to create your own great Aussie Shed.


best australian sheds


And the winner? Richard Yok Sneddon who has spent more than twenty years creating his two-story shed temple. Check it out here. You can purchase the book on Scotty Cam’s website or leading book retailers.

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