Throughout the years, Aussie Made Sheds has built a solid reputation for being one of the best sources of locally made, top quality sheds. If you are considering purchasing a new shed, you probably have more than a few questions! We’ve put together this list of the things our customers generally want to know about our services.

Still have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact your local shed expert.

What Is The Cost Of Building A Shed?

How long is a piece of string?!

The cost of a shed depends on a number of factors including:

  • Size of the building
  • Type of building and purpose (shed, garage barn etc)
  • Level of customisation (doors, windows, interior cladding etc)
  • Location (rural or urban etc)

Aussie Made Sheds Prices

You can visit our Facebook page to see examples of recently completed sheds with prices.

For example, the shed below starts from $14,900.


  • 7m x 10m x 2.7m 
  • 2 x roller doors 
  • 1 x personal access door
  • 1 x window
  • 100% Australian Steel

No two sheds are ever the same, so the best way to get an idea of the cost of your dream shed is to request a quote.



Do I Need Council Approval for a Shed?

Every council in Australia has different requirements, but inevitably the answer is yes, you will need council approval to build a shed. Usually, it is quite a straightforward process, but there will be variations depending on the type of shed you wish to build and whether your property is  commercial, rural or residential.

Fortunately, apart from building top-quality sheds, Aussie Made Sheds also assists those who want to secure council approval. We can either lodge your application for you or help you put together your application so you can lodge it yourself. Regardless of your choice, asking us about council will make the application process a lot easier for you!

How Much Does A Shed Cost

Do You Deliver Sheds Australia Wide?

Yes, we service all regions of Australia. Whether you’re in NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory, or Tasmania, you can count on Aussie Made Sheds to deliver your shed right to your doorstep.

What are the most common shed sizes?

Generally speaking, the most popular shed sizes in Australia are:

6m x 6m shed
6m x 9m shed
6m x 10m shed
6m x 12m shed
7m x 9m shed
7m x 10m shed
8m x 8m shed
8m x 10m shed
9m x 9m shed
10m x 10m shed
12m x 9m shed
12m x 12m shed

We can customise all our sheds to match any specific requirements you have, so don’t worry too much if what you had in mind isn’t listed above.

cost of building a shed

Do You Accept Custom Shed Projects?

Aussie Made Sheds accept custom work. Whatever your design or needs are, Aussie Made Sheds can create your custom built shed to any size or specifications you require. We can build you a large farm shed, a commercial warehouse, an industrial shed or even an aircraft hangar!

Do You Have Financing Options?

Yes. Aussie Made Sheds can put you in touch with a broker who specialises in finance for sheds. Make sure you request a quote first, so you know how much you need to borrow! And if you have any questions, simply get in touch with the Aussie Made Sheds expert team.

What are Building Codes? 

Building codes outline:

” the minimum necessary requirements for safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and construction of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia.”


All building work must comply and the code is given legal effect by building regulatory legislation in each State & Territory. 

The National Construction Code has now replaced the Building Code of Australia (BCA) 

Read more about the National Construction Code (NCC) or contact us if you have any questions about building compliance.