Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a time when we get to enjoy the outdoors and if you are lucky enough to have a break over Christmas and New Year, catch up on all the things you have been meaning to get around to. While the long days and high temperatures are ideal for lazy days at the beach or on the deck, if you plan on spending any length of time in your shed, you’ll want to make sure you have your cooling systems sorted! Here are a few ideas to help keep the temperatures down in your shed this summer. 

Doors, Windows and Skylights

There’s nothing like a door, window or skylight to help ventilate your shed and improve airflow quickly. Having windows open during the day in the summer months (with flyscreens of course) will also keep temperatures down and prevent the interior environment from becoming too stuffy. A skylight has the added bonus of increasing the amount of natural light coming into your shed. At Aussie Made Sheds, we can customise your shed to add extra doors, windows and skylights depending on your requirements.

keep your shed cool


A properly insulated roof is essential if you want to keep your shed cool in summer and warm in winter. We can recommend an insulation specialist to help you with insulating your shed wherever you are in Australia. 

Natural Shading

If you can position your shed so it is in the shade for most of the day (or in the afternoon when temperatures tend to peak), you won’t have to worry so much about other measures to keep your shed cool. Another option is to plant shrubs and trees (fast-growing is better!) to block out sunlight and heat. Aussie Made Sheds is happy to offer advice on the orientation of your shed and its location. 


Cheap to purchase, easy to install and low maintenance, whirlybirds are a cost-effective way to help cool your shed. Most whirlybirds are wind-driven and draw hot air out of your shed using the power of the wind. Of course, that means if there isn’t any wind, the whirlybird won’t spin and hot air will remain trapped in your roof. You can purchase mechanical versions, but these aren’t such a good investment as they rely on electricity to operate. Your money may be better spent on another similarly priced option.

keep your shed cool

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan will help with air circulation and create a nice gentle flow of air that will help you feel cooler on hot days. Traditional ceiling fans are relatively cheap to purchase, although you will need an electrician to install them. Alternatively, you could opt for a solar-powered ceiling fan if you want to reduce your energy bill. 

Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit is also an option if you spend a lot of time in your shed and /or you live in a very humid part of Australia. Not every shed will be able to accommodate an air conditioning unit, so it’s always best to consider this option in the planning phase. 

A professional shed company like Aussie Made Sheds can offer you expert advice on how to position your new shed to keep it cool, as well as what accessories and adjustments will maximise ventilation. Talk to our expert team today.