Hay Sheds


Protection for your hay is a necessity if you are wishing to ensure its quality & retention of nutrients. As all of our farm & hay sheds are made with the highest quality, Australian BlueScope steel, you can be rest assured that your shed will not corrode due to the present moisture in the hay. Also, the dipped galvanised steel ensures total coverage protection from corrosion & rust.


Australian Made Hay Sheds

Aussie Made Sheds creates custom made hay sheds to suit your exact needs. No matter the dimensions you require in span, length & height, we can design & construct the shed you require for your farm or property.

There are a few considerations you should make when coming up with the ideal shed size. For example, do you have any equipment large in size that will need to enter the shed. Another common addition is the insertion of dividing walls or floors for the separation of equipment from feed & stock.

If you’re looking for a high quality Australian made hay shed, contact Aussie Made Sheds for a quote.